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How to rename a migration file in Laravel


Sometimes we want to rename a migration file within our laravel project and all goes well until you want to execute a:

php artisan migrate:rollback

And the console starts to show you some errors finding the paths of the files that you changed the names.


Just go to your project and find the next directory:


and find the path of the files that you change their names and modify the lines too; that’s it, so simple right.

Hope this works for you and leave a comment and share the post

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Terran websites for Starcraft 2 players

Hello everyone, long time since i wrote something here, well here we go.

Since I started to play stacraft II i found out that i’m the kind of player who improves his style reading from blogs, watching videos and playing ranked, obviously watching my replays.

Today i bring to you one of the blogs that i have found really interesting and with such a good content:


Hope it helps you a lot as It has helped me.

Have Fun and Good Game

Sorry for my grammar, but i want so start to improve my English, so if you found a mistake, please let me know… 🙂